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Consumer Security and Privacy

Our members are dedicated to a consumer-friendly internet, ensuring the protection of security and privacy every step of the way. Whether in app development, marketing, sales, or technical support, we are committed to an internet economy where responsible businesses thrive and consumers are respected.

Trusted Advocacy and Transparency

We provide regulators with insight from our members so regulators can shape better standards, and provide our members with clarity about privacy and security regulations so they can better serve consumers. Chaos and uncertainty about security and privacy regulations have plagued the internet for far too long, and it’s high time that changed. A safer and healthier internet depends on it.

Best Practices members have access to online resources, expert guidance, and in-person events to help them satisfy compliance requirements while delivering valuable experiences to their users.

Our second webinar, focused on coercive software apps includes commentary and examples from industry leaders showing what they’ve tried, what results they’ve seen, and what they’re trying next. A must-watch webinar for anyone in the software monetization space!
Join our community of digital service and software developers, vendors, and promoters who are dedicated to creating a safer internet where responsible businesses thrive and consumers are respected.
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Should Deceptors Get a Grace Period?

If Yes, for How Long?   For the last several months, many responsible businesses have been working like mad to comply with new app requirements that AppEsteem – a company that certifies apps – and Microsoft announced (regarding Unwanted Software) they would apply...

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  Evangelizing for a Safer Internet   At the invitation of former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Treasury and former Governor of the Federal Reserve Board, Sarah Bloom Raskin, I spoke two weeks ago to a cybersecurity class that Governor Raskin is...

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GDPR/Privacy for App Vendors

  Helping App Vendors Respect Consumer Privacy With privacy concerns swirling worldwide, and with advertising platforms including Google and Bing announcing new compliance requirements for advertisers, it was great to devote our most recent webinar to GDPR and privacy...

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