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CLEANAPPS.ORG is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving business conditions for software vendors committed to a fair app marketplace. aims to provide education and advocacy on best practices to achieve this goal.


Join our community of digital service and software developers, vendors, and promoters who are dedicated to creating an Internet where consumers can feel confident in downloading and trying software and services.


Membership Benefits members are given access to events and online resources focused on sharing effective methods for earning consumer trust while balancing revenue objectives.

Trusted Advocacy

We provide regulators with insight from our membership during their decision making processes. Our work with regulators and other organizations in the monetization space aims to ensure fair treatment of our members.

Staying compliant, consumer-friendly and profitable

Our members are dedicated to consumer friendly development and marketing from click to sale including ongoing customer support. We are committed to transparency and consumer fairness while helping our members thrive and preserve their creative freedoms.