Member Benefits


A Voice

CLEANAPPS.ORG is the first organization of its kind offering a real voice to digital service providers, while ensuring the security and privacy of consumers. Members will be able to provide input on the issues that matter to them, knowing that the strength of this community ensures they are heard loud and clear.

Monthly Webinars

Every month, members will be able to participate and contribute to a discussion topic affecting them We will have guest talks covering privacy, security, policy changes, and new regulations from sources such as Microsoft, Google, members of the anti-virus industry, and other regulators. Members will be invited to submit their own topics and share findings and data. These calls will be scheduled with invitations exclusively to members. These will also be recorded and made available for those that miss the call or can’t attend due to time-zone differences.

CleanApps Newsletter and Other Content will publish relevant and compelling content and make it available to members.

Industry Meetups

At least once a year, will hold a industry event hosted at different locations across the globe. This event will feature guests from various members of the internet economy.

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In the Pipeline

We’re consistently evolving and adding value to membership with new initiatives. While initiatives listed below are not yet offered, we’re working towards establishing them and making them available to the membership.

Funnel Audits provides confidential and unpublished compliance audits for members upon request. Members are given a comprehensive second opinion as to the strengths and weaknesses of their funnels, and this information isn’t shared with third-parties unless authorized.


Members will receive discounts with’s supply chain partners.