About CleanApps.org

Joining the CleanApps.org vendor community gives you the opportunity to contribute to the organization during the formation of objectives and initiatives. We are currently welcoming new members from the vendor community, as well as early support from anywhere in the monetization supply chain.

Executive Director

David Finn

David Finn

A former federal prosecutor in New York City, David spent 16 years at Microsoft leading teams fighting cybercrime. David then spent two years as Chief Operating Officer at AppEsteem, a company that certifies apps, and where he retains a minority, non-voting shareholder interest.

David’s commitment to balancing business success with consumer well-being dates to his work in consumer protection while in college, his job as a business journalist prior to law school, and most recently, in his instrumental push for the formation of CleanApps.org during his tenure at AppEsteem.

Now, he looks forward to fulfilling his vision for CleanApps.org: a thriving, member-driven organization that helps internet businesses prosper, promotes a fair app marketplace, and protects consumers’ privacy and security.

Board Members

Bogdan Odulinski

President at CleanApps.org / Strategy and Business Development at DriverSupport.com
A technology geek at heart, Bogdan has worked in many roles: as a programmer in his early career in Canada, an Enterprise consultant and technical trainer in New York City to Fortune 100 companies, a service architect/strategist at Dell, and currently a business development strategist at Driver Support. Bogdan has a passion for bringing technology to life for consumers. Having seen too many examples of both intentional and unintentional consumer abuse on the internet, he is thrilled to be part of CleanApps.org to help tackle the problem.

Phil Schnyder

Board Member at CleanApps.org / Director Online Business Development at Avanquest Software
Phil is Director of On Business Development for Avanquest Software, a leading global software developer and publisher. With over 20 years in the software industry, Phil has a wide range of experiences. In 1984, Phil helped start North American Software, a software publishing company based in Munich, Germany. He later took over as President/CEO of askSam Systems, the developer of some of the world’s most popular freeform database and information management tools. Phil helped design the askSam products that won numerous industry awards including PC World’s “Internet Utility of the Year” and PC Magazine’s “Editor’s Choice”. With Avanquest, Phil helps run the Avanquest Software division which sells over 300 products via online and retail channels in markets around the world.

Teala Comer

Board Member at CleanApps.org / Strategic Relationship Manager at Spigot, Inc.

Gary Guseinov

Board Member at CleanApps.org / Managing Director at RealDefense
Gary launched his first tech company in 1994 and has since raised over 150m in growth capital on path to acquiring over 300m global users of various technology products and services. His experience ranges from managing 1,000+ employees, to building complex CRM/ERP platforms that facilitated millions of transactions.

Rob Charlebois

Board Member at CleanApps.org / Executive Vice President of Global eCommerce and Digital Marketing at Corel
With 19 years experience in the software and technology sector, Rob brings a deep background in software distribution, marketing and sales. Rob also owns development and operations of the marketing technology stack including over 30 websites, multiple ESP platforms, omni-channel messaging, in-product purchasing, installers, licensing, subscription, analytics and mobile.