Guiding Principle

“The privacy and security of consumers must be respected throughout the acquisition, purchase, and usage of software or services.”

This translates into simple promotional and behavioral recipes that inform consumers without harming or deceiving them.

Our aim is to create a strong community of developers and promoters who seek clarity on the practical and actionable meaning of existing regulations, as well as best practices to promote their software and services in that context. By following a simple guiding principle, the community will ensure the long term success of its members and create a safer internet for all.

Staying Compliant, Consumer Friendly, and Profitable provides a community to help our members understand laws, regulations, and policies, and to promote best practices from click to sale. We are devoted to member success and aim to fill in the blanks on the issues that matter most:


Understanding Laws, Regulations, and Policies Affecting Our Industry

To successfully run your business, you need to understand the applicable regulations and policies. European privacy regulations, US spam laws, FTC provisions, Google policies, AV flags, and Microsoft rules, and other regulations can all have a serious effect on your business. provides a community and tools to help members navigate this maze of rules and regulations.

Pointing You in the Right Direction

We will provide information linking you to relevant policies and regulations, and when possible, to relevant people in those organizations.

Sharing Examples and Best Practices

We will highlight best practices and share good examples of how companies comply with different policies. Our Members Forum (under development) will provide a place where we point out good and bad examples of compliance.

Identifying What Issues and Regulations Are Important will help inform you of new issues that affect our industry. We host monthly Webinars on relevant topics to keep our members informed. Our Members Forum (under development) will provide a place for members to have private discussions about these issues. Our newsletter and other content will highlight new regulations and policies to keep you up to speed.

Helping Translate Policies and Laws into Recipes for Your Business

The community helps you better understand how policies and laws affect your business. The community does not provide professional legal advice (that’s what lawyers are for), but it provides a forum for marketers, business owners, and others to translate legal texts into plain English and to discuss and explain different policies and regulations.