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The Apple Mac App Store Webinar

THURSDAY OCTOBER 29th, 2020 - 8am Pacific EDUCATIONAL - WEBINAR  Learn major points on the ins and outs of getting your App into the Apple Store and keeping it there!     Brought to you by CleanApps.Org     REGISTER HERE:  Find out about: ...

Hear Direct from Microsoft’s Edge Chromium Extensions Team

We have an exciting webinar about the new Edge Chromium Store! (See video at bottom of page) Hear directly from the Microsoft Edge Chromium team!  Learn the answers to these questions and more: Are there high-level goals for the types of extensions Microsoft is hoping...

Webinar: Turbo Charge App Sales with Effective PR

Whether you are a startup app maker or a veteran app promoter, PR can play a critical role for your business.

So we are honored to have Ed Zitron, CEO of EZPR, a veteran in the tech industry lead our next webinar event during which you will learn how PR can benefit your app business.

(For those that attended our Vegas CleanApps.Org Summit 2020, this webinar will cover the agenda item we were unable to fit into the conference due to unprecedented engagement from our attendees causing us to run out of time.)

Click the button below so you don’t miss this critical event when Ed will cover the following.

New Microsoft Defender PUA Enforcement (Video)

These free trial and other policy changes in the payment processing, anti-virus, advertising, and app marketplace worlds mean app vendors have to adapt.